Thursday, December 9, 2010


I'm beginning work on a wedding scheduled for this summer. The bride contacted me back in the fall and I sent her out a few individual flower samples. Now, she's ready to move forward on designing the centerpieces. I've done up a handful of samples to show her some of the different 'casual' styles we could work with.

This is the most fun part of creating flowers for weddings. I love getting creative with my brides, and helping them make their special day as perfect as it can possibly be. Since I can use absolutely any papers, we can use favorite old photos, their wedding invitation or really gorgeous scrapbook papers like you see here. Every wedding is unique to the couple. And since I can do the work months in advance, by the time wedding day rolls around, everything will be perfect. Making people happy is a fabulous gift and the best part of this job. :)


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