Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas and the Aftermath

Christmas was freakin' fantastic at our house this year! Richard actually understood what presents were for the first time and absolutely loved every thing he received. He walked out into the living room at 7am to find an already set up basketball goal and ball. He is STILL carrying around a basketball everywhere he goes; this includes to bed and also while brushing his teeth. I made him leave it in the car when I dropped him off at daycare this morning and I thought he was going to kill me. Ha. Not to worry, it will be waiting on him when he gets home!

Here's an overview of the tree and presents before they got ravaged...

After many, many hours of endless play and eating of junk, this was the result at our house (that's Grandma)...

Today I had the task (oh, darn) of going to Anthropologie to return a shirt my loving husband gifted me that was a bit too baggy. Ladies, they are having a mega sale. If you are an Anthro girl like me, run, don't walk to your local store. I got all this stuff for under $230 including tax!

The thing I love most about Anthro clothes is the attention to details and the fabrics. Look at all these yummy colors and textures...


On the Ferntree front...I'm working on a new project...coloring books! These will have black and white drawings of mine and will actually be purse size (like 4x5") and will include a box of half size colored pencils in an adorable ribbon closed pouch. I'm thinking of these more for adults or teens that like to doodle/color when they are bored standing in line, or at lunch or on the train or something. What do you think?

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