Sunday, January 9, 2011

On Seeking Out Others Like Me

I've recently started reading Kelly Rae Robert's E-book, Flying Lessons. I believe it's important to study or learn from other people that are a bit ahead of you in the journey you have chosen to take. I know some artists that fear losing their own identity by absorbing and somehow copying another artist just because they wanted to learn from them. I think that's total hogwash. Now I'm not saying there aren't copiers out there, because there are. Like, serious Xerox copiers. But they know who they are, and if you have the conscience enough to be concerned about being one, then you aren't. Everyone struggles to find their own voice or style. Even the master painters studied and learned by 'copying' the masters that came before them. In the end they found their own style and only incorporated the lessons learned from others that spoke to them and helped them to grow. So, that being said, I have a handful of blogs I follow that I read almost every day and just soak soak soak up everything they have to put out into the world. I am a total sponge and love finding inspiration in other creatives that have had success at this whole crazy artist thing.

Here are my favorite blogs...

Oh, and here's that fantastic E-book I told you about...


  1. Can you see me blushing? Well you should. Your kind words make my heart full. It's artists such as yourself that recognize being inspired by others fills you instead of consumes you. That's where I think many artists get lost in the identity crisis. So continue to spread your wings, be inspired and create your own work!!

  2. Jenni, thanks so much for your sweet comment. :)