Friday, January 21, 2011

Nosegays - Foerever Flowers for Your Forever Sweetheart

I love creating flowers for weddings, but Valentine's Day offers inspiration for another wonderful paper flower item, Nosegays! They're mini bouquets; 3-4 flowers each.

I've taken them over to the Beehive here in Atlanta as part of my Valentine's Day setup. I think these are fabulous for those of us who aren't fond of fresh flowers for one reason or another. These flowers are forever!

What I love the most are the whimsical touches I was able to add to the ribbon wrapped stems. I wrapped them with satin ribbons in hues of red, olive green, cornflower blue, or black and then I went rummaging through my stash of lace, trims and rikrak I got from my grandmother. Each nosegay has a carefully selected piece of romantic trim, and a few were even lucky enough to be adorned with a whimsical bumble bee, white dove or glittery butterfly. They all turned out just fall-over adorable. Love!

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