Monday, July 20, 2009

If the World Could Stop Turning Please!

I'm soooooooooooo not ready to go back to work. I love watching a thousand little faces light up in my classroom every week, but I have one very important little face at home to think about. It's not even like I enjoy spending all week without a shower and not knowing what the outside world is...I just want to be here for my baby. Maybe etsy is the answer to my prayers. If I could sell $70 a day I wouldn't have to go back to work. My salary (woo teachers) less the cost of daycare is only worth $70 a day. What is wrong with this country? If I lived back home in Australia I'd have been PAID $5,000 to have a baby. If I lived in France, I'd have 2 years time off! Poop on this country. Yeah, yeah, I still live here. I know. Damn it.

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